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Jonathan Arico (Sifu)

  • 17 plus years of training in Chinese Martial Arts
  • Over a decade of teaching adults and kids in martial arts
  • Over 20 medals in forms, weapons, and fighting competitions
  • Assistant fight coach/ Instructor at Shaolin 3 Warriors San Da under Sifu Curtis Diaz
  • Inner Chamber Disciple of Sifu Louis Diaz Ali El of Shaolin Hung Gar Tai Chi Institute
  • Inductee into The Philadelphia Historical Martial Arts Society Hall of Honor

Sifu Jon is certified in the following:

Tong Fung's - Hung Kyun (Hung Family Fist)

Five Family Five Animal Fist (Ng Gar Ng Ying Kyun)

Tibetan Lama Pai

Assistant Fight Team Coach in Sanshou, Lei Tai, Sanda