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Jonathan Arico (Sifu)  began his journey to Kung Fu at the age of 13 where he trained at Phoenix Academy of Martial Arts in Bordentown NJ.

    Later in life he began his training with Sifu, Master Louis Diaz Ali E​l, owner and head instructor of Shaolin Hung Ga & Tai Chi Ins​titute.  After several years of diligent training he became an indoor disciple and began teaching adult Kung Fu classes at Southern Shaolin Academy in Ewing, NJ. During this time period he also began training in full contact San Shou and mixed martial arts with Sifu Curtis Diaz, current owner and head instructor of Sh​aolin 3 Warriors ​San Da.

      During his training Sifu Jon has won at least 20 medals in national and international competitions in various divisions. Including empty hand forms, weapons, and sparring. He has also participated in Chinese Lion Dancing for several years, performing lion dance at weddings, banquets, parades, and many other venues. He even performed on the hit show What Not to Wear on TLC.

     Sifu Jon was nominated into the Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Honor in 2018 and continues his training with his teachers. With a decade of martial arts instruction experience, Sifu Jon wishes to share the many benefits of traditional Chinese martial arts to the public to create a healthier and more honorable society.